Are you looking for a shared laugh? A happy thought? A constructive use for a rolling pin other than baking? Then welcome to The Chirpy Bird, a space where I’d like to share my thoughts about wellness, happiness, and blissing out. I’ve been a massage therapist since 2004 and have seen my share of muscle tension, using deep tissue work to help clients back to better mobility. But I’ve also seen the benefits of simple kindness and the joy of remembering our happier selves even if it’s for a short time. So, I won’t always be speaking in bodywork terms, but may leap from that point occasionally. I’ve also been through my share of life changes in the past several years which have challenged me to adapt what “wellness” means in my world. I’d love to share what I’ve learned on all these fronts. Most of all, I’d just love to give you a place to kick off your shoes (even if it’s just mentally) and back up for a bit before you surge forward in your lives. Sometimes, a little space goes a long way. *** A special round of thanks to everyone who lent their special talents to make this site possible. Please check them out at Talented Friends ***