The holidays are a-coming and so is the end of Madeleine’s school year before they go on winter break…today. I haven’t been able to do a lot of planning about anything, but I did have this day marked on my calendar and, looking at it Sunday evening, this meant only one thing: I must become a Holiday Ninja. It’s not to say that there won’t be time to do things after today, but anything that requires going to the Post Office, going to the mall, or pretty much anything that would require parking multiple times would become ten times harder.

So, outside of work, I cleared my schedule and mobilized my tools of destruction: the Kia Soul that I’m renting after my car got hit last Friday, a To Do list easily located in the Notes section of my iPhone, a general idea of my budget, and my FitBit. I recently got this FitBit in order to see where I stood with walking, sleeping, and eating. After using it for two weeks, I’ve been surprised to find that many of my beliefs around these three topics were wrong.

Walking: Back in high school, a friend of mine dubbed me “Our Lady of Perpetual Motion” since I was always someone running around, involved in several things at once. Due to this natural state, I assumed that I was crushing 10,000 steps AT LEAST every day. I tried measuring this with my iPhone but couldn’t always remember to take it everywhere I went. So, with the FitBit, I was shocked to find that I probably do more like 7,000-8,000 steps a day at best. Since I’ve often relied on the amount of walking I do to offset the lack of working out I do, this was an eye opener.

Sleeping: I love sleeping but know that after Madeleine came into the world, my days of heavy dozing were gone for a while. What I didn’t realize was how little sleep and how bad the quality was until I started tracking it with the FitBit. Thank God I don’t have to log this stuff myself because there are too many things to keep track of already. But, each day, I go to the app on my phone and see how I did. The recommended amount of sleep is 8 hours a night and I’m hovering around 6 hours. And given the number of times I’m taken out of sleep due to monsters and other requests, I’m a little short on deep sleep and REM. The net: I’m sucking at sleep.

Eating: Alright, I knew already that this was a tough area for me, but I wanted to find a way to centralize logging food and tracking my other biorhythms. After a visit to a Nutritionist two weeks ago, I learned that I turn to carbs too often and don’t necessarily get a free pass with fruit (this is a result of past rounds of Weight Watchers). The FitBit is letting me see how well (or not well) I’ve been doing with this. I’m not gonna lie: changing habits is HARD.

So, with these three things in mind, I took to the streets to hit my holiday planning with everything I had. I was scaling the escalators of the Burlington Mall, stealthily weaving between other shoppers meandering past the Food Court. I slipped in and out of the Post Office several times and ran around the streets of Coolidge Corner with nimble feet. After Madeleine went to sleep at night, I was addressing holiday cards and online shopping like the wind. If there is anything to say for doing holiday errands, it acted like an appetite suppressant since I was laser focused. I faltered with sleep but was killing it with steps, even making it over 10,000 for the first time.

In about half an hour, I’ll be hanging up my ninja outfit to see Madeleine perform in her end-of-the year spectacle. Everything will be about being present as she and her friends become little woodland animals. But, as I join the revelry and catch all that holiday goodness on video, I’ll know that, as far as I’m concerned, I fulfilled my mission. The Holiday Ninja prevailed.