Hello and Happy New Year, Everyone! If you’re a New Englander, you’re probably getting ready for tomorrow’s big snowstorm. I’m doing all the necessary things such as rescheduling my day for the inevitable school cancellation and stocking the fridge, but, in a way, my head is not in 2018 yet. A part of me lingers in the holidays having seen so many loved ones and spending time with family.

We spent New Year’s Eve in Western Mass taking in First Night activities and reveling in the company of old friends. Most of our time outdoors happened during the day so that we could enjoy the rest of the evening without shielding ourselves from the blistering cold. By 11pm, we had finished dinner, toasted the New Year, and said our goodnights. I decided to have some tea to counteract some indigestion and this, unexpectedly, left me on my own for the first time all day with a little energy to spare. So I hunkered down in a cozy chair and thought about what 2017 was to me. The net was that while it wasn’t one of my favorite years due to everything happening in the news, it did push me to focus on more personal things I had put off for too long.

Weight/Health: This is a long-term battle but since I had Madeleine back in 2014, I had yet to find my footing with working out and eating right. Earlier in the year, I lost a solid 8 lbs due to a detox challenge and Weight Watchers. But, fluctuations in the last half of the year along with the news that I had fatty liver brought to light the necessity for deep-seated habit change. All the bad eating that I’ve usually gotten away with has larger consequences now and I need to establish a new normal.

Aging: I know that I’m lucky to have my overall health, especially after the last several years. But, aging is another thing. I don’t mind the more cosmetic things like gray hair and skin changes. There are a multitude of ways to deal with those kinds of things. What I do mind is needing glasses after a lifetime of perfect eyesight. I mind that my stamina is a little off and that I can no longer stomach amusement park rides. 2017 was about starting to figure out what to flex for and what to let go.

Life: Floating like a leaf on the wind is not one of my strong suits. I like routine and I like kicking ass within that routine. But when your life changes and you need to shift accordingly, routine can become a bit of an obstacle. Take for instance, I loved my 98 Honda Civic, a car I’ve had for 11 years. But when it got totaled back in the Fall, I realized that even though it was great in the snow and could take a pothole like a champ, it was time to trade in options like an operating tape deck and a homemade air conditioning system (translation: rolling down the windows…manually) for a safer vehicle that could better accommodate my daughter’s car seat and provide heat on demand.

I know 2018 will have plenty more to hand me and I will have to pry my frozen fingers off my routines again and again. But, just as it often is when I need a teacher, the teacher showed up on Facebook 15 minutes before 2018 officially started. Rebecca Pacheco, my longtime yoga teacher and friend, debuted her new meditation series, Sunday Still, on her OmGal.com page. And, as someone who has entrusted my physical and spiritual development to her time and time again in the past, I was happy to see her pop up to drop her timely seeds of lighthearted wisdom once more. So, it is with her that I spent the final minutes of 2017, eyes closed, soaking in her mantra as we closed out the year together: “Let go, let go, let go.”

Here’s hoping that 2018 has good things to look forward to…even if we have to dig through a little snow to get to it.