The sun has not yet arrived, but the sky glows pink and orange as I make my way to the kitchen for that first snort of coffee. I know that I’ll have to wake the others soon but take this solitary moment to notice each little sound replacing the morning silence. Each scuffle of my sandals is like striking the side of a matchbox again and again until the match catches flame and there’s a steady sense of life. Seeing no mugs, I open the dishwasher and unload everything. Cabinets squeak, the microwave hums along. My steps are no longer a shuffle. Madeleine’s milk is in her hands as she goes to wake her father. The wheels of the day begin to turn slowly. 2018 is finally here.

In hindsight, I’m thankful for last week’s snowstorm. It was as if the universe decided to pin me down like a wrestler until I recognized that I was a little tuckered out after the holidays. Like many people, I grumbled at having to accommodate a few snow days. But, as the snow fell, I settled into play with Madeleine and baking banana bread with a growing sense of relief. I was not truly ready to hit 2018 like a lightning bolt. That electrified sense of THIS being THE year to (fill in the blank) hadn’t had a chance build yet. I just wanted to crawl away somewhere and sleep for a few days (hahahahahaha). Unlimited napping is not going to be in the cards for me for a while, but having my life simplified to basics worked just as well.

Over the weekend, I took the time to pack away the Christmas decorations, clearing the last of the pine needles to reclaim our living room once more. My husband committed to putting a bunch of his clothes and the glider I had used to feed Madeleine into the basement. We found a little time to work out together and got Madeleine into real swimming lessons (vs. those classes that gets babies accustomed to water). Nothing earth shattering was happening here but the essential exercise of clearing and starting anew. Yet, something about these simple rituals helped me turn a corner. A week into 2018 and I was finally ready to start the New Year in earnest.

Resolutions? Well, my resolutions are more like ongoing commitments: commitment to regaining personal health, to sharing what knowledge and experience I have with you, to poking the Jenga pieces of life so that I can make positive improvements. There’s much to do but I look forward to flexing my creative muscles and finding ways to make the journey fun and informative for both of us. I hope to be like this snowstorm, providing moments to catch your breath before you sally forth and ride lightning bolts into your own personal greatness. These are my hopes for the year. What are yours?