C’est Moi

My name is Jennifer Koh and I’m the product of two good-looking Koreans who thankfully found each other here in the states and settled their brood in the heart of the universe: Massachusetts. I’m surrounded by six siblings (being the middle child) and learned early how to share, cry, and hide treasured belongings. From my father, I inherit the love of a good laugh and, better yet, a good story. From my mother, I inherit decent listening skills, a helping personality, and major cheekbones.

I attended some of the best schools in the Boston area: Boston College, Massachusetts College of Art, and the Muscular Therapy Institute/Cortiva, eschewing the traditional medical doctor route for a dazzling array of other careers (bodyworker, recovering graphic designer, hostess, shoe salesperson). My parents were confused but awaited the announcement of a good Korean boyfriend, impending marriage, and subsequent grandchild. While they waited, I honed my fine dining skills, became a yoga enthusiast, consumed many baked goods, made questionable dating choices, frequented the Dance Complex in Cambridge, and moved several times.

In 2010, I finally met my match the old-fashioned way: online dating. He was not Korean but, by then, that was okay. So, I became a wife, a step-Jenn, and, in 2014, a mommy. My world is now firmly intertwined with French culture so I carry a French Dictionary with me at all times. I’ve maintained a massage therapy career throughout all these kooky changes and hope to share the experiences I’ve had in connection with my craft and my life like we’re warm friends. Welcome!